Why you’ll never see the Hilton sisters with shaved heads

The eternally blond Hilton sisters love the shaved head that actress Danai Gurira sports in the hit superhero film “Black Panther” — but both say they won’t be getting copycat cuts.

“It does show strength — shaving your head bald — but I don’t think [I’d do it],” Nicky Hilton Roths­child told Page Six. “I don’t have that strength — not for me.”

Meanwhile, with one eye on the bottom line, Paris Hilton said it might not be good for business.

“I have a hair-extension line, so I think my business partners would get a bit upset if I was to do that. But I applaud the women that have the strength, courage and bravery to do that. If you can rock a bald head, do it.”

Source : pagesix[dot]com