Scott Disick 'Acts Like He Doesn't Care Anymore' Now That Things Are Over With Kourtney Kardashian!

Scott Disick's friends can't keep up with his decisions!

It seems Scott Disick is not handling this breakup very well.

In the wake of his split from Kourtney Kardashian, the 32-year-old is all over the place. He's canceling nightclub appearances last minute, he's hardly venturing out into public, but he's still supposedly partying it up with random ladies?

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Even his friends can't keep track of what's going on!

"His actions aren't making any sense. He's going from one thing to another. He's going to get help. No, he's going to appear at a club. No, he's going to do both. No, he's not going to do either. What he says is changing moment by moment. No one is putting any stock into what he says."

We're glad we aren't the only ones who are confused. Sources say they aren't even sure if they can take what he says seriously:

"He's not being truthful with the people who love him and are on his side. I don't always believe him."

An insider revealed that any attempts to get honest answers from the reality star are met with anger:

"Scott gets defensive. If he's pressed for the truth, he tries to turn it back around on the person who is asking. He has this mentality of 'How dare you ask if I'm telling the truth?'"

He and Kourtney haven't spoken in days, and when they do communicate, it's never directly. A source explained that the split is taking a toll on Scott, whether or not he wants to admit it:

"All of their communication is through intermediaries. Scott is acting like he doesn't care anymore, that he's over the whole thing, but you can tell that he's in pain."

Bad breakups are really rough, and we just hope that if Scott needs any sort of help — emotional or otherwise — during this tough time, he reaches out for it.

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Mr. Worldwide won't be staying at Trump Hotels anytime soon!

Pitbull has added himself to the ever growing list of celebrities who are firing shots at Donald Trump because of his comments about Mexican immigrants!

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In an interview on Fusion's America with Jorge Ramos, the Give Me Everything rapper said that he doesn't think The Donald is "ignorant" -- just a bit immature, explaining:

"Donald Trump doesn't become Donald Trump by being ignorant. He may have a big ego – we've all know that for years. What I think is that he found a button that he likes, and he sees that he got people mad and hot and he's gonna keep pushing it."

The 34-year-old also declared he "wouldn't be able to" stay at a Trump hotel due to his respect and appreciation for the Latino culture. Find out what he said in the interview (below):

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