Pretty Wild Star And Bling Ring Member Alexis Neiers Is Now… A Doula?! Find Out How She Is Helping Pregnant Women HERE!

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And the award for most random career switch goes to…

Alexis Neiers!

We're totally just kidding, though!

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If you guys remember, Miz Neiers was the star of the controversial E! reality show Pretty Wild, as well as a member of The Bling Ring — where her and her cohorts snuck into the homes of various A-listers and stole their clothes and jewelry!

Well fast forward to today, the former TV personality is four years sober, married with a beautiful two-year-old daughter named Harper, and is now working as a doula, which is a nonmedical person who supports pregnant women before and after birth!

On Monday, the 23-year-old gave an interview to the blog Ravishly where she dishes on her turbulent past.

In it, she mentions that the backlash from the reality show and her involvement in gang activity was the "best thing that ever happened" to her because it made her deal with her drug addiction, which was the fuel to her criminal acts!

She said:

"At the time I was filming [my reality show, Pretty Wild], my addiction skyrocketed because of the amount of funds I had to use and party. So, I went from smoking one Oxycontin a day, to smoking 20 a day with my sister. My disease progressed and I was in no way capable of fighting the case. I was incapable of growing up, but it just wasn't because of the drugs, it was because of deep-rooted trauma. I was masking that for so many years."

She also dishes about the Sofia Coppola film The Bling Ring and how it was completely accurate to what truly happened!

"The majority of the movie was false and bullshit. It didn't touch on something that was a common thread with Nick, Tess and myself, which was severe drug addiction (being alcoholics and addicts). I'm not saying that it's an excuse for bad behavior, but I'm saying it plays a part. The movie didn't give an honest depiction of what our lives were really like. I wasn't that glamorous. I was chasing around drug dealers, smoking heroin. I lived in the Best Western on Franklin and Vine, while pretending to live in this huge glamorous house."

However, she is now focused on her brand new career!

She reveals that she wanted to get into this profession because of how traumatic her own pregnancy was!

She confesses:

"I was planning on having a home birth and I ended up having a C-section. It's not the surgery itself that was so traumatic (although the recovery was difficult): It wasn't the birth that I wanted. The way I was treated in the hospital was traumatic. I didn't have a voice. I wasn't being heard or acknowledged. The whole experience wasn't great, but of course my daughter was absolutely worth it. Instead of being angry, I wanted to figure out how I could help."

In addition to this gig, the Los Angeles native also works with drug and alcohol addicts.

We're so glad Alexis has turned her life around and is using her mistakes as a catalyst to help others in need!

[Image via Alexis Neiers/Instagram.]

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