Awesome Balenciaga Site Glitch Results In Bags Being Sold For Only $200!

Balenciaga glitch causes bags to be sold at insanely low price.

Best website glitch ever!

A technical problem on the official Balenciaga site caused the coveted leather totes and satchels (like the one Kim Kardashian has in the photo above) to be priced at $200-$400 when they usually start at around $2K!

Some people who happened to be on the site at the time couldn't believe their luck and were "screaming when they nabbed a bag," according to reports!

Once the glitch was discovered, the website quickly went offline and this statement was posted:

" is currently unavailable while we make upgrades to improve our services."

The orders that were placed at incorrect prices were also canceled, and some people are NOT happy about that!

but the fact that @BALENCIAGA is deciding not to honor the purchases is absolutely ridiculous considering that was an f up on their part
— leaux bunny. (@leauxmichelle) April 17, 2015

especially when the glitch only lasted for 30 minutes and alot of people didnt even know it existed. don't be trashy @BALENCIAGA
— leaux bunny. (@leauxmichelle) April 17, 2015

. @BALENCIAGA canceling my order because you fucked up is such garbage and I hate you so much #rude cc: @NicoleRae65
— Rachel Hope (@granite_rockss) April 17, 2015

Fuck you @BALENCIAGA for not honoring orders placed online, glitch or not….
— Rachel Hope (@granite_rockss) April 17, 2015

Well, you know what they say — when something seems too good to be true, then it probably is!


[Image via WENN & EJBrickley Twitter (insert)]

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What's better than pictures of boobs? GIFs of boobs, duh!

Kendall Jenner's recent appearance on GQ magazine gave us plenty of cleavage and under boob, but those are nothing compared to the behind-the-scenes video released on Friday!

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And all the GIFs made from the video are like a never-ending gift! That's why "GIF" and "gift" have only one letter separating them!

Another great thing is that the supermodel's nips were barely covered during the entire shoot.

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