5 Secret Obsessions of Beloved Famous People


Celebrities believe in all kinds of crazy things, like The Secret or Xenu or yoga. But there is an invisible line that will not happen, because if they do, they know that turn public opinion against them so completely that totally ruin his career. This line is the occult. You can spot Tom Cruise like energy spirits Spago, but you will never pick up a beloved artist directly to worship the devil. Wait, that's what you say, paragraph immediately below?

5. Sammy Davis Jr. Worshiped the devi

The 1960s were a simpler time. Soda cost a dime, ladies wore poodle skirts, and the whole country was in love with a buzz, one-eyed, black Satanist.


Better than a flying purple people eater.

That's right:Better than a flying purple people eat.

But: For many years, Sammy Davis Jr. was a member of the Church of Satan. As expected, Davis had to keep all this very private matter or the truth could ruin. Alternatively, you can choose from any direct and featuring first sitcom in the world to hell. Davis chose the second way and took the lead role in a pilot called poor devil, also starring Adam "Batman" West and Christopher Lee as Saruman fucking Lucifer! The show is not today, it is undeniable that the Nielsen ratings system is manipulated test. Alas, the poor fellow was too perfect to live. But the brave choice of roles Sammy has attracted the interest of Anton LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan, who is the Associate Artist with the right card.

To cause more voluble God of public opinion, Sammy Davis Jr., has also published a swing album called Satan, Baby! He had songs like "Sympathy for the Devil" and "Devil in Disguise" and a duet with himself LaVey, who hope that sang in a beautiful falsetto voice unwavering, because how amazing would it be?


4. The Lincolns Summoned the Dead

According to the Boston Gazette in 1863, Abraham Lincoln held a meeting at the White House damn. Abe, Mary Todd two Cabinet secretaries, a journalist and a half-trance named Charles E. Shockle sitting in the White House (basement?) Contact with the spirit world. There is no report if Lincoln's mother interrupted with pizza rolls.

"Moooooooooom, get out!"

Channels Shockle a group of people killed in the Great Liberator of Native Americans worried Henry Knox - Secretary of War George Washington. Meanwhile, Abe does not seem to take seriously. He pitched softball political issues in death and joked about their answers. Then there was Mary Todd Lincoln (taking it all very seriously), two uncomfortable stunned political journalist and the president of the United States loitering, mocking ghosts casually. The Shockle was so stressed that he passed up - twice. I think I was a little nervous pulling parlor tricks a giant angry superpower with control of a whole nation. You will understand.

The session was probably a PR coup - judging by the jovial approach to both Lincoln and the fact that heinvited a journalist - because spiritualism and table readings were a popular pastime in the western world. Equaled the time to go bowling, or "drink a beer with a soldier." But whatever the opinion of Abe, Mary Todd Lincoln was balls deep in the underworld. The supernatural was a perpetual interest in it, but after the death of Abraham, was full bore. Maria began to attend readings of tables and meetings throughout the country, hoping to contact her dead husband. The media obviously use this unseemly obsession with his reputation and Mrs. Lincoln began using pseudonyms. It is not enough: only surviving son of Mary Todd, Robert, had a brief stay in a sanatorium waste your money on this sense spiritualist, among other things.

3. Joan Rivers: Ghostbuster

Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

In early 1990, comedian Joan Rivers lived in an apartment in New York, she is said to be haunted. He complained of strange noises, temperature changes, and unexplained scribbles porn popping up everywhere. For some reason, she attributed to "ghost" instead of "New Yorkers and New Yorkers."


Vince Bucci/Getty Images Vince Bucci / Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

"Everyone is at a loss to know why the bodies of all of New Jersey and Red Sox fans continue to come here."

2. Daryl Hall Is a Warlock

Remember when your mother crazy evangelical played all their albums in a fire because they were "devil's music"? There was a bit of Hall & Oates up there? Do Not? He always had this copy Eyes ofPrivate collecting dust on the shelf? This is probably why black magic Daryl Hall and wanted

Lawrence Lucier/Getty Images But all I had to do was ask, Daryl. All I had to do was ask.

Daryl Hall, also known as "the most beautiful" (sorry, Oates - you look like someone shrunk Edward James Olmos and gave half of his mustache Tom Selleck), promoted interestthat hidden long-term peaked around its first album solo, sacred songs. The album refers directly Aleister Crowley Magick Without Tears in his last song, "no tears". He also alluded to own grandfather Hall is a kind of magician or sorcerer - a fact recalled in the interview.

Hall describes a six or seven years, from about 1974 - to be recognized as the height of the success of Hall & Oates - where he studied "Chaldean, Celtic and Druid traditions" and techniques to "talk inner flame. "Obviously, there was a sort of pact with the devil he goes. Now, Hall & Oates is a punchline of pop culture in cracked article. Indeed, Satan gives and takes.


1. The Reagans Ruled Through the Power of Numerology

Quick: Think of Ronald Reagan.

You will notice two things. A: I do not get an erection. Two: You imagine a good man want to look faded blue suit. It is the image of normality.


Wait, what if you still have an erection?

But that's only because you do not know very well. Ronald Wilson Reagan was well read about the occult, and he and his wife Nancy is formed in astrology. When he was elected governor of California, Ronald Reagan programmed his oath of office will be held at 12:10 in the morning to enjoy a significant alignment star. After Reagan was shot in 1981, Nancy began visiting astrologer Joan Quigley remarkable California. The influence Quigley stellar dictated everything to talk about Reagan calendar cards for landing and takeoff exact hours of Air Force One.

Finally, beliefs Los Reagan "was mostly harmless superstition. - It was not sacrificing virgins to please Almighty economy or anything, but breaks his image a little more to think a certain extent, the Air Force One was slowed on the track, all completely silent cabin forward, as Ronald Reagan was on his watch then, suddenly, the President of the United States shouted. "STARS AND DEMAND taken at this time" and all the world was in a frantic action.