Watch: Paris Hilton Pranked on Egyptian TV Show with Fake (and Terrifying) Plane Crash

Punk'd, this is not.

Paris Hilton recently appeared on Ramez Wakel el-Gaw, an Egyptian prank series, where she was a passenger on a most elaborate "crashing" plane.

It goes like this: In each episode, a celebrity participant only thinks they're invited to the opening of a new Dubai hotel. In reality, as soon as they agree to a plane ride, host Ramez Galal begins the prank.

The plane encounters some kind of chaos and Galal, sitting next to the celebrity guest, plays up the craziness of the moment.

Nicky Hilton's Go-To Looks

So it is with Hilton, 34, who does not seem to be having any fun at all – telling Galal after everything is over that dying in a plane is her biggest fear.

"Is this normal?" she asks as the plane appears to start falling out of the sky (about 12:30 in the video above). Then she starts screaming, but only after the other "passengers" do, too.

It gets worse when they start throwing parachuted passengers from the plane to "save them," Hilton screams, "No!" and "Just tell them to land!"

At the end, she finds out the whole thing was a joke. "We love you," Galal tells her.

She seems really relieved (and a bit angry), teasing, "I'm going to kill you!"
Source : people[dot]com
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