Tom Brady Talks More Kids With Gisele Bündchen & That Infamous Haircut!

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Life updates with Tom Brady!

The 39-year-old may not be eligible to play football again until October 9, but he has plenty on his plate to keep him busy until his time comes to hit the field.

While catching up with E! News while promoting UGG's Do Nothing campaign during NYFW yesterday, the California native dished on a wide range of topics including his relationship with Gisele Bündchen, their kiddos, and yes, his hair.

For the Brady's, the summer consisted of traveling near and far to visit friends and family — which can actually be pretty exhausting when you have young children Jack, 9, Benjamin, 6, and Vivian, 3 (plus all the dogs) on board.

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Tom shared:

"I feel like people are always coming to see us, especially when I'm in Boston for really seven months of the year. My wife travels to Brazil a lot. We spend a lot of time in Costa Rica. By the time summer's over, it's nice to get back to Boston and quit living out of suitcase, especially when you have kids — because the packing and unpacking gets to just be so much."

As unfortunate as his punishment for Deflategate was, Brady admitted he got to make some pretty cool memories with his kids in the meantime:

"I've had time to bring them to school and pick them up from school, put them to bed and read books. Everyone says, 'It goes so fast! It goes so fast!' And it does go so fast, and you enjoy these different moments that they have, because, you know—it's only once that they get a chance to have their first day of school. To pick them up on their first day of school is so fun. Those are memories I'll have for the rest of my life, and hopefully they'll have them, too."

And when it comes to having more children, the athlete smartly responded:

"It's usually up to your wife, isn't it? It's kind of up to [her]. I never rule anything out."

Good on ya, sir! LOLz!

For now, though, he's focused on the three youngins already running around:

"I let my daughter do basically anything she wants, which is a little bit of a problem in the house. The boys I'm definitely tougher on, but it's so hard with a little 3-year-old girl who just look at you and smiles and she knows exactly what to say to get her dad to do exactly what she wants. They're so sweet. They're just the sweetest kids."

Don't all parents have to say that?? We kid!

Bu with everything going on, Tom and his supermodel other half make a concerted effort to nurture their own relationship:

"[We go] where there's not too much going on, so you can just focus on each other and you and you can focus on catching up, wherever that might be. If we're close to the water, the beach is always great. But a lot of the times it could be at home, in the backyard."

He added:

"It's always evolving in relationships. Everyone who's been married or been together for long periods of time, you grow and you find different ways to grow together. And I think it's just always being conscious of what both people are looking for in a relationship, and fulfilling each other's needs and supporting each other, and growing and loving each other in different ways. I think those things always evolve and change over time. Going on that journey together is an exciting part of life. You get to love people in different ways as you go through life. It changes when you're 25 and 35 and 45. I see my parents now, who are great role models—they're in their 70s. It's a very cool thing to see."

So what does Gisele think of the footballer's headline-making hairstyles?

The quarterback insisted:

"She's never really said much about that. She's never had too strong opinions one way or another. She likes it whatever it is. There are a lot of things that get covered these days that sometimes I shake my head at."

He explained:

"A lot of men don't change their hair very much. A lot of men just do one thing and that's what it is. And I've always felt like you can always cut your hair off. Who cares? Try different styles or whatever. Women get to do a lot of different things with their hair. Men, you can do a lot of different things. And a lot of different guys have different styles, too."

Fair enough!

As for his current style, Brady said it's a matter of "convenience:"

"It's so easy when it's short, so that's how I like it. It's just easy because you don't have to do anything. You just wake up and you don't have to think much."

Do you, bb!

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