The Kardashians Were Set To Face THIS Prominent Family On Family Feud, Until They Bailed…

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Say it ain't so, Kim Kardashian West!

The Kardashian fam, as we reported yesterday, just taped an episode of Family Feud where the Wests (including Kim and, yes, Kanye West) go up against the KarJenners… but now, we're learning that it wasn't supposed to be like that at all!!!

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The folks from Family Feud had initially booked a second separate celeb family for the show, too, and THAT fam was supposed to go up against the larger Kardashian bunch… until that family turned them down just days before taping and sent producers into a scramble!!

Oh, and the family in question?! Yeah, you may have heard of 'em…

It's… the Hilton family!!!

That's right! According to TMZ, Paris and Kathy were on board, but patriarch Rick wasn't feeling it at all, claiming an appearance like this on TV for the real estate family would look "thirsty." Hmmm…

Apparently Nicky also thought it was a no-no for the family to appear, and Barron and his fiancée ultimately decided not to do it, as well.

Without enough Hiltons down for the game, producers decided that a Wests vs. KarJenners battle would suffice. And it shall!!!!

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PS — no shade to the Kardashians from the Hiltons here, apparently; the two families are really close, and do really like each other, according to sources. It's just that the Hiltons collectively felt like Family Feud wasn't right for them.

Oh well!!!

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[Image via Media Punch.]

Source : perezhilton[dot]com