Ronan Farrow Admits Innocent People Could Become 'Casualties' Of False Accusations If The #MeToo Movement Swings 'Too Far'

ronan farrow talks me too movement casualties

Innocent people could become casualties of false sexual assault allegations amid the #MeToo movement.

Ronan Farrow admitted this on Wednesday while speaking at a lunch for the Silurian Society at the National Arts Club in NYC. Specifically, the celebrated journalist warned that the viral movement may risk the "pendulum swinging too far" in a moment of "white hot anguish."

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The up-and-comer touched on this issue after he was asked to address Leonard Lopate's recent suspension from WNYC. (In case you didn't know, although there is currently an ongoing investigation, Lopate has defended that the only inappropriate thing he has done during his 30-year career is say the word "testicle" in front of a colleague.)

Mia Farrow's son explained:

"In principle, absolutely that's a risk we should be conscious of. My feeling is there were decades of silence on this issue and we are now witnessing a moment of white hot anguish as all of that pours out into the public space…. And of course there will be casualties in the process in terms of the caution with which we proceed with each and every allegation that's emerging."

Well said.

Still, Farrow does NOT regret the part he played in inspiring this campaign, as he argued that those casualties would be a "net benefit" to society. In case you forgot, the 30-year-old's damning expose about Harvey Weinstein led to the Hollywood heavyweight's ousting.

The investigative journalist continued:

"In a perfect world everyone involved from the press is careful enough to suss out how serious each potential charge is and exercise caution where it is needed, but there's no way of guaranteeing that… My feeling is that this is a net benefit to society and that all of the people, men, and women, pouring forward and saying me too deserve this moment, and I think you're right to say that we all have to be conscious of the risk of the pendulum swinging too far, but in general this is a very positive step of developments.

I also feel really confident that as with so many moments of seismic change we will reach an equilibrium eventually. I think that this is a moment of turmoil and chaos culturally and it will pass."

Following the release of The New York Times and The New Yorker's troubling pieces about the filmmaker, it's been reported that Weinstein is under investigation in several locations for his many alleged assaults against women. Industry vets like James Toback, Kevin Spacey, Matt Lauer, and Louis C.K. have all been exposed for their unsavory antics as well.

On how he handled such a tough topic, Farrow credited his own family's sexual assault scandal for preparing him to take on this daunting story. As you surely know, Ronan's sister Dylan has alleged that father Woody Allen sexually abused her as a child. The director has strongly denied the allegations.

Ronan noted:

"Having confronted sexual assault in my own family which is a long and painful process for any family to deal with gave me an understand of some ability to fathom how difficult it was for some of the sources to speak…. I would hope that gave me a level of sensitivity of many months of working with sources who were in a very difficult place."

Excellent point.

Here's hoping that justice is served both aptly and accurately against those who've been accused.

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