Orange Was the New Black at Last Night's Valentino Event

While darker hues are typically more popular during the Winter months, stars aren't shying away from breaking out the brights on the red carpet. Case in point: at last night's Valentino Sala Bianca 945 event, orange was the color of the night for Olivia Munn and Padma Lakshmi, as was a bubblegum pink, which was sported by Emma Roberts in the form of a feminine dress.

Still, we do have a soft spot in our hearts for black, and Olivia Palermo seems to agree — but that doesn't mean her outfit was boring. She's probably the only person we know who could pull off lace, fur, fringe, and feathers all at the same time. Keep scrolling to see all of last night's looks in full, then vote on your favorite in our fashion poll.

Source : popsugar[dot]com
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