Lady Gaga reveals all about her pants fashion sense

We get under the skin of cool Lady Gaga

Lady GaGa (Pic:Getty)


She's exposed herself to our freezing weather... and Lady GaGa wasn't afraid to bare her soul in a chilled chat with 3am.

And it turns out that the outrageous pop sensation, who has been traipsing round cold old London in little more than a pair of knickers, is in fact a woman of many layers.

We caught up with her in town - us wrapped in thick winter clothes, while the lady opted for a skimpy leotard.

"Look at me," she giggles. "I'm fiercely tanned and very orange!"

Her citrus look is based on an unlikely inspiration - the radioactive Italian designer Donatella Versace. "Donatella is my muse in so many ways," says Lady GaGa, who has topped the singles charts with Just Dance.

"She's powerful but she's also an icon in the way that people throw darts at her - she's provocative."

Another orange twosome made an impression on her as she grew up in New York.

"Paris and Nicky Hilton went to my school," reveals the star, whose real name is Stefani Germanotta. "They're very pretty, and very, very clean. It's impressive to be that perfect all the time. In commercial terms, they've been quite an influence on me!"

After leaving school Lady GaGa dabbled in the world of burlesque before writing for Britney Spears and Pussycat Dolls, who she's touring with in the UK.

Now a chart-topper and a pop star in her own right, she says: "Even though I sing about panties and pornography and fame, I take it all very f***ing seriously.

"It's not about everyone knowing who you are, it's everybody wanting to know who you are.

"Every time I get on the stage, I do something different.

"I want people to think, 'Every time I have this bitch nailed down, she does something different.'"

She's got a few surprises left in her yet. Maybe next time she'll turn up in a nice thick jumper...

I sing about panties and porn but I take it very seriously

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