Donald Trump Tags The Wrong Lee Greenwood In A Birthday Twitter Post — & The Internet Has Responded Accordingly!

donald trump tags wrong lee greenwood

Donald Trump thinks he's a Twitter expert — but, clearly, he's still got something to learn.

On Friday, the President took to Twitter to wish country singer Lee Greenwood a very happy birthday. However, as many stealthy social media users noticed, the Commander-In-Chief tagged the wrong Lee Greenwood in the celebratory post.

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While accidents like this are bound to happen, this social media snafu is particularly embarrassing as the God Bless the USA artist performed at the Trumpster's inauguration concert this year. How awkward.

In the since-deleted post, Donnie wrote:

Donald Trump wrong birthday message

Man, oh man. He has since re-written the post to read:

Happy birthday to the great @TheLeeGreenwood. You and your beautiful song have made such a difference. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!
— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 27, 2017

Ironically, the "wrong" Mr. Greenwood doesn't appear to be a big Trump fan. Take a look at the evidence (below).

Marching with one of my best friends today in NYC #whyIMarch @chrislhayes @maddow @Faraazahmed
— Lee Greenwood (@leegreenwood83) January 30, 2017

Unsurprisingly, countless Twitter users have since dragged POTUS for the HIGHlarious mixup as they've quipped:

I screenshot this because it’ll most likely be deleted. Why? Mr. "I’m so smart, Ivy League educated" Trump tweeted the wrong Lee Greenwood.��
— Jody DelBrocco (@JodyDelBrocco) October 27, 2017

It's been 49 minutes & *45 still doesn't realize he tagged the wrong Lee Greenwood.
How's that intelligent, Ivy League brain doing today? ��
— D Villella ❄️ (@dvillella) October 27, 2017

Today it's wishing happy birthday to the wrong account. Tomorrow it may be declaring war on the wrong country.
— Eugene Gu, MD (@eugenegu) October 27, 2017

trump cant even tag the right Lee Greenwood on twitter and you guys are expecting him to solve the opioid crisis..
— RespectMyGame ���� (@battletested5) October 27, 2017

I really feel bad that he will be known as the wrong Lee Greenwood. Brother, you are someone's right Lee Greenwood.
— Bret Spurgin (@RedDirtCyclone) October 27, 2017

Took 90 minutes for this moron to fix his first tweet sent to the wrong Lee Greenwood. First nuke sent to the wrong Korea won't be so funny.
— Ryan Adams (@filmystic) October 27, 2017

So savage — and we LOVES it. As for the OG Greenwood, he seems to be enjoying the unexpected attention. See his reaction to the situation (below).

I get this a fair amount, but certainly not at this level.
— Lee Greenwood (@leegreenwood83) October 27, 2017

And I think half of them followed me after the inauguration concert…
— Lee Greenwood (@leegreenwood83) October 27, 2017

Tough but fair. Set that lineup!
— Lee Greenwood (@leegreenwood83) October 27, 2017

Believe me, I know.
— Lee Greenwood (@leegreenwood83) October 27, 2017

I can confirm I have not…
— Lee Greenwood (@leegreenwood83) October 27, 2017

My mom is one of them.
— Lee Greenwood (@leegreenwood83) October 27, 2017

Too funny. We're sure this made at least one Mr. Greenwood's day.

[Image via WENN.]

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Megan admitted:

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[Image via Instagram.]

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