Cruise v. Lauer and 4 other cringe-worthy celeb interviews

When it comes to celebrity Q&As, there’s a certain formula at work.

The star chats about his or her latest project, cracks a few jokes and, if all goes well, shares tidbits about his or her personal life. It’s generic to a fault.

Truth be told, it’s only when these seemingly normal sessions veer a hard left into cringe-worthy territory that they’re worth watching. Case in point: Cate Blanchett’s “Cinderella” catastrophe.

The Australian actress recently sat down with journalist Jonathan Hyla of “The Project” to dish about the Disney flick — except the duo did anything but. From alcohol to sex, the interview crashes and burns within a matter of moments — even after Blanchett drops the f-bomb.

Though it appears that Blanchett completely loses her cool, the interview turned out to be nothing more but an elaborate gag. And while the Oscar winner and Hyla can sit back and laugh at the bizarre press junket, a handful of other celebs and talk show hosts probably wish their disastrous dialogues were works of fiction. Take a look:

Matt Lauer and Tom Cruise

The year 2005 will be remembered for two things: “TomKat” and the time Tom Cruise attempted to school Matt Lauer on psychiatry. While promoting the sci-fi thriller “War of the Worlds,” Cruise hit the “Today” show for a little one-on-one time with Lauer. But instead of dishing about aliens and intergalactic warfare, the action star goes on a tangent about the history of psychiatry and Brooke Shields’ battle with post-partum depression.

As Cruise and Lauer go around and around on this awkward merry-go-round, the “Mission Impossible” hero takes a cheap shot at the morning host, calling him “glib” and saying that he “doesn’t even know what Ritalin is.” Lauer keeps his composure as Tommy boy babbles on for five endless minutes.

Joaquin Phoenix and David Letterman

David Letterman has pretty much seen and heard it all during his nearly 22-year run on the “Late Show.” While we’re sure the soon-to-be retiree has a Top 10 guests list, Joaquin Phoenix probably doesn’t make the cut. The heavily bearded (and extremely disoriented) actor swung by the Ed Sullivan Theater in 2010, seemingly to discuss his film “Two Lovers.”

Things take a turn for the crazy as Letterman presses Phoenix about his bushy beard, burgeoning hip-hop career and just hazy state in general. The late-night staple bids adieu to Phoenix, saying he’s “sorry Joaquin couldn’t be here tonight,” at which the Oscar nominee appears quite confused.

No matter, Phoenix and Letterman have since patched things up. As it turns out, the actor’s “breakdown” was simply a plot point of brother-in-law Casey Affleck’s experimental documentary, “I’m Still Here.”

Paris Hilton and Dan Harris

Reporters should know this by now — anything Kardashian-related is a touchy subject for former frenemy Paris Hilton. ABC’s Dan Harris got the chance to sit down with the hotel heiress in 2011, but Hilton ultimately cuts their session short after one of Harris’ questions hits a nerve.

While discussing Hilton’s career, from “The Simple Life” to her cornucopia of endeavors, Harris simply asks the reality TV darling if she believes her “moment” has passed. After a few glances in her publicist’s direction, Hilton hurries off set. Following a powwow with her PR, the socialite collects herself and delivers an eloquent answer on-screen.

Bruce Jenner and Jimmy Fallon

Imagine getting chastised by your father on national television. Bruce Jenner’s appearance on “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” in 2013 certainly felt like it. Instead of promoting Season 8 of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” from Fallon’s cozy couch, the former Olympian lets the comedian know he isn’t thrilled about being the butt of his jokes.

While Fallon did apologize, Jenner makes a point to embarrass the host by revealing some not-so-flattering photos of Fallon. Though the “SNL” alum laughs it off, Jenner leaves Fallon with a warning: “Kanye’s pissed.”

And speaking of Kim Kardashian’s other half . . .

Kanye West and Jimmy Kimmel

Nothing sets the Internet abuzz quite like a classic Kanye West rant. After spoofing the rapper-turned-fashion designer’s WTF-worthy BBC interview from 2013, Jimmy Kimmel didn’t exactly make a friend in West. The chart-topper opts to channel his aggression through Twitter, before accepting an invitation to swing by Kimmel’s show to clear the air.

Kimmel barely gets a word in edgewise as West goes on a four-minute tangent about his celebrity status, creative mind and “relationship” with the paparazzi. If West were to ever write an autobiography, this “Ode to Kanye” sums up the most important parts.

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