Awwww! Joe Manganiello Proposed To Sofia Vergara In Spanish! But Will She Take His Last Name When They Tie The Knot?

Joe Manganiello reveals a little bit about his wedding plans with Sofia Vergara!

Joe Manganiello and Sofia Vergara are SUCH a cute couple!

The two recently celebrated their one-year anniversary, so we're hoping it won't be too much longer before those wedding bells start chiming!

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Joe sat down with Mario Lopez on Extra TV to chit-chat about his new movie, Magic Mike XXL, but of course the topic turned to his upcoming nuptials with the Colombian beauty.

The 38-year-old remembered the moment he got down on one knee in front of Sofia to ask her to marry him — IN SPANISH! He said:

"I had a huge speech. I had three years of Spanish in high school and I was really good, really fast. Then of course, twenty years go by, I forget it all now. I'm gonna marry a Latin woman, so I'm in a rush to get it all back, but I prepared this big speech that I gave to her on Christmas when I proposed."

That's pretty impressive! Almost as impressive as the size of the guest list!

"She has about two hundred cousins, so I think keeping it small is impossible."

Well if that's the case, we're wondering what kind of venue they're eyeballing for the big day! But, Joe isn't giving anything away. When asked about any sort of details or location, he cracked a joke:

"Richard Branson's been so kind as to lend us his space shuttle, so we're gonna do it up in the atmosphere."

But the actor did admit that there's a possibility Sofia would even take his name once they tie the knot! He didn't say one way or the other whether it's going to happen, just that it's a conversation they're currently having.

It might take us a while to get used to calling her Sofia Manganiello. What do U think, Perezcious readers?

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The Sony hack is still exposing the inner workings of a major studio -- as well as the personal information of its high profile talent!

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The Aloha star revealed that after her personal information was leaked, her quick response ended up being more damaging than precautionary. She said:

"I did one of the worst things ever, which was react really quickly. I was getting all these emails and texts from people I didn't know — ‘Hi, I'm Joe from the U.K. I like your movies' — and I was so overwhelmed that I went to my inbox and I deleted all my emails."

The 26-year-old, who starred in nine Sony films over her career, acted impulsively in an act that couldn't be undone. She continued:

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