1 Paris Hilton Khloe Kardashian Tristan Thompson Nicky they still have prenup


Paris Hilton says she loves Khloe Kardashian and wishes her the very best ... and has some words of wisdom for Tristan Thompson if he ever wants to get her back.

We got Paris and her sister Nicky in nearly matching dresses on Rodeo Dr. in Bev Hills Tuesday afternoon, and while Paris has some strong advice for Tristan on how to treat Khloe ... she holds back on the other way around.

Check it out -- Paris looks like she wants to speak up, but ultimately decides to just talk up her man instead ... while lending strong support to Khloe, too.

As you may know, Paris is engaged to actor Chris Zylka and clearly believes he's a better man than Tristan ... but they still have prenup ... just in case.

Source : tmz[dot]com